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Palazzo Maringelli Story

There are stories, legends and other facts about Father Domenico Maringelli, born in Polignano on 21/01/1913; young and handsome young man, very young, moves to China where he intensely lives his missionary work; return to Polignano and Palazzo Maringelli, where the beloved sister resides, before the war years, around 1939. You will live the palace for the rest of your life; he will, however, remain there for a short time to return to Asia to continue his work.

He will return to Italy many years later and will spend the last years of his life at home. He will die at the age of 76 and his body will rest here in Polignano.

The fascination of these tales by those who have lived them makes the magic of this place, ancient and always alive in Polignano's memory, even stronger.